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It is a great pleasure to welcome you into our space which is governed by Jesus Christ, the Preeminent Son of God, our All Satisfying Treasure. Our vision is to encourage all men unto a living encounter and true passionate engagement with the person of Jesus.

We see ourselves not as a mere cooperate entity but as part of a living divine organism. Our webspace will help everyone to gain an insight into the morphology of the Living Body of Christ.

We have a heart felt deep passion for the Spirit of Christ whom we believe is the most powerful living force dwelling amongst humanity and yet the most compassionate person in the entire universe. He is the Son of God, the Word of God, the visible quintessence of the true God, the beginning and the end, the power by whom all things consist, the fountain of all mercies and goodness

We desire everyone visiting our webspace to experience the overwhelming  loveliness of the Majesty of Jesus as well as enjoy the sweetness of His Compassion and Meekness.

This Jesus is far beyond any physical or moral philosophy. No theological dogma will suffice to describe him. He is a LIVING DIVINE PERSON that imparts anyone who believes in Him with a Living True experience.




Couples Night

Date : 9th Jan 2016 Time : 7pm Venue : CITY OF REDEMPTION PARISH Aspley House,...

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