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Our vision, propelling force, motivationg influence is the most important Mandate of God to Humanity...Preach the gospel of the to Kingdom, heal the sick, cast out devils, cleanse the lepers, deliver the oppressed, set captives free.
We believe the Dominion of Jesus is the ultimate in the universe which has been given to every believer for two reasons:-

1) To have abundant life in full, free from all bondages, oppression and infirmity. In other words to live a life of absolute dominion over satan and the world
2) To advance the kingdom of God in all spheres of our influence

We believe that the dominion of the Almighty God can be fully appropriated by faith and adherence to principles(mysteries) of the kingdom.

We also believe:

  • the Goodness and Faithfulness of God
  • the Righteousness & Justice of God
  • the indispensable ministry of the Holy Spirit that includes the ministry of Power, Inspiration & Revelation
  • the sanctity of marriage and the sacredness of the family life
  • the efficacy of the ministry of prayer

    We want to equip every member or partner of this ministry with the fullness of divine glory such that they become human specimens who display God's resplendent splendour and demonstrate an admirable and enviable global distinction, peculiarity and uniqueness

    Our ultimate objection is to see an assembly completely free of sin,sickness and sorrow, a community free of sin, violence, crime and perversion.






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