We encourage giving as an act of worship.

What we believe about giving

Our mission is leading people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
We appreciate your generosity and your cooperation in supporting our church to spread its community and service opportunities.


During the weekend services (and mid-week services) we have a time of dedicating our tithes and offerings to God in prayer. This is an opportunity to give to God during the service.



Online giving is simple, easy, and also reduces Post office visits, Postage, Bank trips, weekly/monthly checque-writing chores.


If you have real property, assets, or something you want to bequeath as a gift, please contact Pastor Ayo Oloruntoba to discuss ahead of time either by e-mail: or by phone: +44 1233637379 / +44 7828 580347.



It is now possible and convenient to give online (either one time or automatically) using this website. Once again, consider gathering together as a family to dedicate what you give in prayer, asking God to accomplish spiritual results – especially that many would come to faith in Jesus Christ.


God has ordained believers to prosper through the principle of Harvest. A believers harvest is the multiplication of any seed the believer sows into a spiritually fertile ground.

God provides the believer(the sower) seed either through the believer’s monthly earnings or any other income and when this seed is sown cheerfully in faith by giving to a godly cause, it produces a harvest for the believer.

Regular sowing and  reaping/harvest will eventually result in great prosperity for the believer. Consequently, the believer is guaranteed increase each time an offering is given.

Your giving is appreciating God as your source and supply as well as activating the blessing of a corresponding harvest. A wise believer will cultivate the habit of diligent giving and will experience “Effortless Prosperity”


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