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Hello and welcome to our church website, it’s always a real joy for us to meet and have new memebers in our church family. Here you will find useful information about our believe. Our mission is leading people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Please join our church and start a new life.

Whatever that next step is, it’s time to take a bold step of faith out of your comfort zone and discover what God has for you. We believe that you can’t go with God and stay where you are.

 Email: info@cityofredemption.org

 Call:  (+44) 1233 637 379



As a first time visitor, you will notice very evidently the social warmth and edifying love in the atmosphere of our community.

We are interested in your spiritual, social and physical wholeness.

Once you have indicated you are a new visitor, one of the leaders will chat and pray with you. If you have any specific needs , the prayers of faith will be made concerning those needs and if necessary you could have a personal audience with the Pastor.

What if I desire to join the Church?

If you desire to join our congregation as a new believer, you will be enrolled in our New Believers Class where you will be taught more about your New Christian Faith with emphasis on developing your relationship with Jesus Christ, the lover of your soul.

Our emphasis is to reveal the beauty and loveliness of Jesus to you and thereby make you fall in love with Jesus. We believe that Christianity is not so much of control through the fear of penal laws but an experience of a Spirit inspired life that is motivated by love.


  • The way we felt when we first came to the church. To us we feel like it’s not only a church but a big close knit family.

    Everyone accepted us and we clicked immediately. We never for once felt lonely as people that just moved to a new city.
    Thanks for this opportunity

    Anigbo’s family
  • This fellowship is Family, at times (most of the time) you feel like you’re walking into heaven – for the Presence of God is so powerful.

    A place where Truth and God’s Word are taught, children are blessed and grow strong here. The strong worship, prophetic and pastoral care will help you find God powerfully.

  • The city of Redemption is family oriented, caring for the wellbeing and spiritual growth of all ages.

    The main concern is that all recognise the love Jesus bestows on us, and through this love develope a deeper love, knowledge and relationship with our Saviour, a love that burns within us and leads us to the place where our greatest desire is to spread and share this love in our lives with all.

  • Words can never express the respect and love I have for Pastor Robert, Ada and their wonderful family, they have never given up on me and my family, they never give up on anyone, and always show unconditional love towards everyone in our fast growing church family.

    My whole life is now being made, stable, restored and Established. I love everyone in my church family so very much and I praise my heavenly Father for his goodness in my life, my life is now full and so very blessed.




Our mission is leading people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.


We’re so glad you’ve decided to visit us! You’ll find a list of commonly asked questions. Please don’t hesitate to send us a message or give us a call at (+44) 1233 637 379

How do I get there?

You can find detailed schedule information and directions below.

Where should I park?

We have our church car park at the end of Western Avenue. However if the church car park is full, there will likely be parking spaces inside the Primary School premises next to the church car park.

What should I wear?

Our church has a “come as you are” atmosphere. You will see some dressed up; some dressed casual. We have no expectations for attire.


If you’re interested in getting connected at our church or involved in the life of the church, STARTING POINT is your first step.

You will need to visit the church on a fellowship day, either Monday Coffee Morning, Thursday Mixed Grill or Sunday Celebration Service.

If you are entirely new to church experience , then the Coffee Morning will be a soft starting point. We offer free breakfast in an informal uplifting atmosphere. The setting is an interactive conversational open engagement of everyone. We aim to offer encouragement, hope and comfort to everyone in need.

If you are already a church goer, then you will find our Thursday and Sunday fellowship very inspiring and uplifting. You will be directed to the Cafe after the fellowship meeting, where you will interact freely with other members and get true feel of our community. Free snacks and drinks are served in the cafe after every fellowship meeting.

How do I get involved?

When you get settled into the church community, we encourage you to prayerfully seek the face of God on where to serve in the church. Opportunities to serve exists in the Media Team, Technical Tam, Praise & Worship Team, Intercessory Team, Hospitality Team, Children Dept, Ushering Team, Maintenance Team, Sanctuary Keepers etc.

There are many ways to get involved. Here are some of them:
1) Come to a worship service on the weekend.
2) Look into joining a Small Group, and get to know some great people.
3) Come to Wednesday Night Together, and enjoy a meal with the church family.
4) Find a Serve opportunity, Here, Near or Far.